Our Philosophy

At Frankly & Co we use French Flax Linen, 100% natural and derived from the flax plant. It’s a dream to sleep on and enhances the aesthetic of any room. We source the flax that goes into our bedding from France, which has the ideal conditions for producing superior flax fibres that translate into soft, luxurious bedding that’s breathable and stylish.

Frankly & Co French Flax Linen is designed in New Zealand.

Here are a few more reasons to choose Frankly & Co French Flax linen:

  • Soft – once you’ve experienced the everyday luxury of linen, you never go back!
  • Strong and durable – Linen is more durable than cotton. Your Frankly & Co which will last you longer and provide better value overall than traditional cotton bedding. Our linen keeps shape and washes up beautifully)
  • Temperature regulated – keeps you cool in the summer months and warm in the winter. Natural fibres mean our linen is beautifully breathable.
  • French flax linen is free of pesticides and, therefore, the process is great for the environment and safe for your home.
  • Low maintenance – your linen will look pristine, but the washing process is simple with quick-drying linen and a high-quality product that washes well. Ideal for busy family life.