Do you see beautifully made beds on Pinterest or Intagram and wonder, how the heck do I get my bed to look like that? From the beautifully paired colours to the perfectly placed throw pillow, it almost looks like art.

Well, I’m here to give you my top tips for styling a bed so lush, you’ll want to stare at it all day long.


Get the highest quality bedding you can afford.

The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ really does ring true when it comes to bed linen. We love a bargain as much as the next person, but when it comes to bedding, it’s not a good idea to skimp. You spend up to the third of your life in your bed, its where you rest and re-energize ready to take on whatever life has to throw at you.
Also, nothing beats the feeling of slipping into some luxurious sheets at the end of a long day.
Tip – If your worried about blowing the budget, then go for high quality sheets and pillowcases, and then lean to more affordable accessories, as these are more likely to be changed out as trends and your preferences evolve.
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  Oversize your duvet or quilt cover

For example, if you have a queen bed, then you should size up for a king size duvet inner and cover, this allows extra draping down the side of your bed, making it look full and lush, and also there is no playing tug-o-war at night with your significant other trying to make sure you have enough blanket.

Duvet Fullness

A beautiful full duvet inner is key to achieving a lush look, but finding the perfect duvet inner is no easy feat. There are a few ways you can do this. The first is finding a beautifully lush duvet inner that is the perfect weight for winter, and also for summer. The other option is to have a ‘clip together’ duvet inner where you have a summer weight inner and a winter weight inner clipped together so you can change them out as the seasons change.

Top sheet or no top sheet

The age-old debate of top sheet or no top sheet will forever be on going, but you don’t need to have a top sheet to have a beautifully lush bed like you see in the magazines.
Simply style your bed without folding your top sheet over your duvet, your duvet cover can be your feature, rather than your sheets.
If you are using a top sheet, make sure you place your top sheet slightly above your fitted sheet so you have plenty of room to fold the top of the sheet down. Ensure the top sheet is placed flat on the bed upside down, so when you fold the top of the sheet back you have the band at the top of your sheet facing the right way.

Winter Season Warmers

Cold at night? These recent winter evenings have been awfully cold.
Add a blanket on top of your flat sheet, next fold your flat sheet back over the top of it, and tuck it in. This will provide you with a good base to style on top of and ensure you are nice and toasty on those cooler nights.


Layer Up

Regardless of the time of year, layers are the key to making your bed look comfortable and inviting. Try to keep your layers neutral while adding in textures or subtle patterns to give it depth and contrast.
To keep it affordable, choose a throw or quilt cover that goes will all of the bed linen you have so it’s interchangeable when you change linen.
Tip – Fold your duvet cover in half and then pull the top part back into thirds so you can show off your pillows and layers, place your quilt of throw under your folded duvet cover to give it a beautiful layered look.

 How strong is your pillow game?

How many pillows it too many? Hard to say, there is no perfect number, I guess it all depends on how many pillows you’re willing to move every night. I prefer to go with 3-5 styling pillows, two European pillows and either three smaller throw pillows or one longer lumbar pillow.
There are many ways to style your pillows, for me I like to stack the standard pillows one on top of the other on either side of the bed, stand the euro pillows in the front, making them a feature and then layer my throw pillows in front of the euro pillows, giving the bed dimension.


Finishing Touches

Finish off your freshly made bed with a beautiful linen or room spray, a candle and some fresh blooms on your bedside. This is your space to come and rest your head, relax and reset, so make it somewhere that feels special.
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I hope you enjoyed our bed styling tips, I’d love to see how you style your beds.
Julz x

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