Sheet styling and my fav trend – Boucle

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It’s been too long between blogs, but I finally had 5 minutes breathing space to sit down and reflect. I’ve been so thrilled to see the response to our first range of Frankly & Co sheet sets and the feedback on them. I started Frankly & Co because of my own passion for beautiful, high quality linens and I’m really mindful that despite the temptation to offer a lower cost product, that I want to make it a long-term purchase that’s effortlessly stylish, as affordable as possible, designed in New Zealand but durable and easy to care for. Simple right?! Well, it’s been a process to get a result that I’m proud to attach my name too so I’m so pleased the response has been so positive to the range.


I’ve had a few questions about linen care so I thought I’d cover the basics for you today -

Linen sheets are designed to last a lifetime and while they will wear and soften, the quality of our Frankly & Co 100% French Flax Linen is something that needs to be experienced! I’ve used my own sets for more than 2 years, since I started the research and product development process for my business and they’re still in excellent condition.

In case you missed my Instagram Reel debut(!) – for those of you who love our white colourway, ‘Milk’, I recommend half a cap full of bleach in the wash to keep the white crisp and looking like new every wash.

For all the other colourways, the beauty of our product is you can wash as usual. A line-dry is ideal for this time of year as the sun also provides an additional step of sanitisation.


If you’ve slept on linen before, then I probably don’t need to convince you on the quality of our sheets because they speak for themselves! But, styling is actually how I fell in love with linen and what made me start this wild journey to run my own business.

I adore mixing and matching colourways to create a whole new look in my room and in my kids rooms. Euro’s are the easiest way to do this with colour accents that you can style with small touches in other areas of your room.

Here are my favourite stacks of colour – I love the versatility of how they combine from a beautiful kids bed set up, to a neutral bedroom look that balances feminine or masculine or some deep hues for the more colour adventurous.

And some styling inspiration for you…

Girly girl

Tonal balance

This navy and green room inspo can be recreated with our pistachio and midnight colourways

Feel free to contact me if you want some colour inspiration or styling advice on what to pair with what. I’m always open to creating bespoke stacks and sending preview photos so you can visualise the look you’re dreaming of!

Boucle baby

Now finally, I wanted to cover the latest interiors trend boucle! The boucle trend started many moons ago with this Womb Chair (that is now considered a very expensive work of art! but it’s seen a comeback in 2021. I’ve been so inspired to do my own DIY boucle job on a chair in lockdown. The thing I love about boucle is how it remains neutral but adds beautiful texture to an interior. There are some amazing hacks out there with Kmart ottomans that you can attempt, if you’re keen on a project or otherwise, you can lust like me after some of this gorgeous Vogue styling inspiration -



Lovely to catch up – let me know your thoughts on my new blog and if you’re going to attempt to DIY your own boucle ottoman and we can do it together!


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