Our Linen Process

It’s been too long since I had time to write a decent blog! Family life and running a business doesn’t leave a lot of down time.

But I have been meaning to take the time to write up a bit on our linen process and certification as it’s a big point of difference with our Frankly & Co linen and one I’m very proud of. Producing a high-quality product that was ethical and sustainable has been imperative for me and while sometimes it’s been tempting to settle for a lower price point and a lesser quality product (*cough* covid *cough*), I’m extremely proud that Frankly & Co is designed beautifully and produced sustainably for long-term wear. So here’s the journey your gorgeous Frankly & Co product goes on before it gets to your home… 

Behind the scenes of our linen process

The story behind linen is that of passion and craftsmanship. Our Frankly & Co linen starts its journey in Normandy (Northern France) where flax seeds are planted in March and April and grown over 100 days to reach 1 metre (when it flowers).

Due to its climate Normandy produces more than 50% of the highest quality linen used around the world. After all, the French know a thing or two about style! When it’s time for harvesting, our linen is pulled – not reaped – plants are then placed into swaths through the fields and dried to a brownish, yellow colour.

Sun and rain help to detach the fibrous skin from the central wooden stem of the plant, the fibres are then collected and combined in preparation for spinning. The fine linen goes through a ‘wet’ spinning process where it’s made into yarn. From there the yarn goes to our makers in China. Our makers are a small family owned and operated business, who we know well they are highly accredited in their field, they follow strict regulations to ensure the product is manufactured as a certified organic and ethically made item.

Our team then weave, dye, cut, sew and package to our bespoke specifications and designs. Each item is stonewashed with a natural pumice stone to ensure the soft feel and flexibility of our product. Then we go through quality control to ensure each item is to our standards. The linen gets packaged into our linen fabric bags (made out of offcuts to minimise waste) and it’s checked, steamed  (yes, we steam the fabric bags because we know unboxing is an important part of the experience!) and sent out in a compostable courier bag to our beautiful customers.


About our suppliers

Months and months of research went into finding the right suppliers to product Frankly & Co. We wanted to ensure the highest of quality while having the smallest impact on the environment, getting to know our makers was extremely important to us, ensuring they have the same values in their business as we do in ours.

Check out the certifications of our team:

Our linen is produced in small, high-quality batches to ensure we’re delivering on sustainable quality and upholding the highest of standards.

Ensuring our products remain as sustainable as possible is of the upmost importance to us, and through all new products we release we will follow on with those same values.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our linen process and we’ll be more than happy to answer them as best we can.

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