How to care for your linen

Taking the plunge to switch to linen maybe something your still on the fence about. The cost is higher than other fabrics so you’re a little hesitant. Right? You’re not sure if it’s worth it?
We can assure you that quality linen bedding is worth the investment. I’ve always looked at linen as an investment piece for your home, something you will have for years to come.
Unlike most fabrics Flax Linen is unique in that it gets better with age, becoming softer with time and use so, if cared for correctly your linen will become worth every cent.
So how do you care for your linen? A question I get asked often, so I thought I’d give you a bit of a rundown on just how to do it.


Washing your linen

We recommend giving your new linen set a wash when you receive it.

Wash on a gentle cycle using cold or warm water (40 degrees), try not to over crowd your washing machine. If possible natural laundry detergent is recommended but not essential. When washing duvet covers and pillowcases turn them inside out and button up the duvet covers to avoid them getting turned inside out.

Drying your linen

Line dry in the shade is always the best option for your linen, but we understand that’s not always possible. If you need to pop your linen in the dryer ensure you have it on a low heat setting, as high heat can damage the linen fibres.

If you are able to line dry, don’t leave linen in direct sunlight for long periods of time as this will increase the chances of your linen colour fading.

Storing your linen

Store your linen in a dry dark cupboard, folded neatly and away from direct sunlight.

We recommend you store your linen in our Frankly & Co linen storage bags (which comes with your linen when you purchase it) your linen will remain protected, and our bags are all labelled with sizing and product type so you can easily find what you’re looking for.


Treating any stains on your linen

Food, animals, make up or even a cheeky glass of wine can often make their way into your bed and sometimes it results in messy accidents. So, what’s the best way to fix it without harming your beautiful linen?

If your linen gets stained it’s best to try and remove the stain as soon as possible. Either spot clean the stain or soak your linen in cool or warm water with baking soda, this will help remove and stains (and sneaky tip, it also softens your linen even more if you soak them over night)

Rinse thoroughly and wash as normal.


Remember washing, drying and storing your linen correctly to ensure it lasts the distance.

A few things to note.


Our linen is stonewashed as part of the softening process, so to start with, you may notice your linen shedding, this is part of the natural softening process and is nothing to worry about, this will soon stop.

Expect some colour fade and colour variation

All of our linen colours are made using 100% natural and safe dyes, which can cause slight colour fade, using a natural detergent will help hold the colour in your linen for longer. Our linen is also made in small batches meaning sometimes there can be very slight colour variation.

Avoid fabric softeners

While this may seem like the go to option soften your linen, it’s not. Fabric softeners are full of enzymes that are designed to break down fibres, this will shorten the lifespan of your linen. Soak your linen in cold water with a cup of baking soda overnight, this will help soften your linen without harming it.


Wash your sheets weekly for a hygienic night’s sleep, also try to reduce wear and tear by rotating your sheets for a fresh set every week.


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