How I became obsessed with linen…


First of all, Hi! And welcome to the first of, what I intend to be, my regular blog series!


I’m equal parts proud and terrified to launch Frankly & Co. Linen has been a passion of mine for years and it was only during the first lockdown in 2020, that I started to seriously consider that it would be an awesome business.

I have always been really ‘obsessed with interiors’ – into beautifully styled spaces, storage solutions and mixing and matching the décor in my home. My husband and I have spent years renovating while raising our family and it’s given me an appreciation for the time and care that goes into making a space functional and fabulous – and the best shortcuts to create a new look quickly (why do a coat of primer and three coats of paint to get a new look in your bedroom, when you can change your duvet cover and euro pillows?!). 

 I’ve always loved mixing up the pillows, cushions and duvet covers on my bed to create a “brand new” bedroom. As part of my extensive research (I may be a slightly impulsive online shopper), I found it was impossible to find linen bedding in New Zealand in a stylish colour palette that was great quality and I didn’t need to sell a kidney for.

I have three children, so I also needed something that would wash easily and well and last for years to come. So I decided to see if I could import 100% French flax linen and – almost one year later – Frankly & Co is now live!



If you’re new to the whole world of French Flax linen, here are 5 key benefits:

  • Soft and beautiful – it is so soothing and comfortable to sleep on and the matte quality of linen looks so chic
  • Strong and durable – Linen is more durable than cotton. Your Frankly & Co which will last you longer and provide better value overall than traditional cotton bedding.
  • Temperature regulated – keeps you cool in the summer months and warm in the winter. Natural fibres mean our linen is beautifully breathable – ideal for small children who can’t self-regulate their temperatures.
  • French flax linen is free of pesticides and, therefore, the process is great for the environment and safe for your home.
  • Low maintenance – your linen will look pristine, but the washing process is simple with quick-drying linen and a high-quality product that washes well. Ideal for busy family life.




If you’ve slept on linen bedding before, then I’m sure you’ve never gone back. In which case, my best advice is to purchase one of our sample swatch cards for $5, try the colour in situ in your room so you can be informed before you buy. I’m always happy to provide additional photos so you can make sure you’re getting a perfect match for your space. I’m so pleased with the quality of our Frankly & Co products and I trust you will be too.


Thanks so much for your support, and I look forward to getting to know you all.


Sweet dreams,

Juliette x

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  • Sally

    Hi Juliette, very interested to read about your new range as a great fan of linen bed linen! Can you tell me where the range is made? Thank you and good luck with your new venture. Best wishes Sally

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